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What's 3D Printing?

  • 3D Printing is the most exciting invention in this Century, where you can convert your ideas into reality!!

  • The new revolutionary way of manufacturing, is giving the ability to create and manufacture to you at home.

  • Watch this video to know more about the most common type of 3D Printing FDM

3D Printing technology is storming into every industry in fast pace and everyday new types/uses/materials are invented.


The FDM 3D Printer can print materials like thermoplastics rigid & flexible, there are various types to choose from like

Click on each material to know more about it.

Personal FDM 3D Printers are not expensive anymore you can buy a 3D Printer starting from 150$ up to 3000$

But if you live in Egypt having a 3D Printer can cost you even more, since there are some governmental restrictions to buy a 3D Printer and importing it from outside The country is complicated and not allowed for normal persons but only for companies, with s lengthy list of approvals and waiting time on the customs; so the prices are doubled due to fees, long & complicated paper works.

We at 3D Printneer Help you choose between a variety of 3D Printers you can buy from our online store from here

You Don't need to buy a 3D Printer.
You can have your 3D Prints from Here..!

FDM 3D Printers are not expensive anymore you can buy a 3D Printer starting from 150$ up to 3000$

But if you live in Egypt having a 3D Printer can cost you even more, since there are some governmental restriction to buy  a 3D Printer and importing it from outside is complicated, so the prices are doubled due to fees, long & complicated paper works.

That's why we don't sell 3D Printers, because granting the quality of service for supply is very difficult.

still you can find it in the Egyptian market starting from 3000 EGP to 40000 EGP for medium category 3D Printers.

Although 3D Printer is one of the greatest inventions, but you can get confused from the options and how to use it.

So, we recommend first to get your goal clear!

Are you buying the 3D Printer for Personal use or for Business use or for both?


If you are buying it for Personal use;

go for small size 3D Printers suitable for your budget or go for medium size 3D Printers if you have a bigger budget and need more work area.

Don't go for big size 3D Printer now, it will cost you a lot more, later when you get familiare with 3D Printing and it's uses you will be able to choose the right one for you as a second 3D Printer.

If you are buying it for Business use;

It's important to understand that the 3D Printer is just a tool to manufacture your invented products from a 3D Design, it doesn't invent products b itself or will tell you how to generate money from products!!

So, we made available a particularly important online course "3D Business" which will guide you to start your own business from scratch get ideas for your Startup and help you create creative products that you can sell and generate money with.

beside learning all what you need about 3D Printing how it works, its types, uses, and the most successful business uses 

in addition, you will learn about creativity and how you can use it in your Business and products to solve all your problems in a creative way.

By the end of the course, you will be able to sell products manufactured with the help of 3D Printing, either if you do it using our manufacturing services or if you decided to learn the technical part and manufacture it by yourself.

We don't recommend buying a 3D Printer in your first step, you can try the 3D Printing on demand services first to get familiar with your needs and manufacture process and the required quality of 3D Prints, and generate money first, which will help you buy the 3D Printer you want and cover the expenses for learning it.

Although If you like you can buy a medium size 3D Printer + the "3D Business" online Course as a bundle and finish the course while learning to use the 3D Printer, later you can define by yourself your needs in the next 3D Printers you will buy for sure in the future.

For more information or for bundle discounts! you can call us on +201066011694

From Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Image by Hunters Race

3D Printing is one of the best choices to start your Business, either you are looking for a startup, small business or working from home Business, it will be great for your.

The market growth is exceptional and new areas are added every day, which makes your job very easy to enter the market, with lowest competition and very big space for your creativity, with lowest capital required.

What you can 3D print is limitless, your limits is your imagination, either you are developing a new product, prototype it or testing the market with small quantity, or even manufacturing on demand, the 3D Printing has very wide choices.

You can convert any 3D model model to a real object you can hold and use.

the 3D Prints are functional with similar characteristics to injected thermoplastics, and if you get a good design and good quality of 3D printing your product can stand for years of usage.

We will help you draw a smile on your face!

We will help you converting your dream into reality.

Upload your 3D model and get a quotation for free.

  • 3 years of experience in 3D Printing.

  • Quantity of 4 different 3D Printers to guarantee faster delivery.

  • 6 different level of pricing that fits your needs.

  • Various choices of colors & materials.

  • Your Satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Quality is our first choice.

  • Imported machines & materials to guarantee quality.

(*) Some 3D models are restricted for us to 3D Printing;

  • 3D Prints which can cause harm to human/animals or plants.

  • 3D Printed weapons.

  • 3D Printed personal status or busts. (contradiction with Islam religion).

  • 3D Printed non Islamic religious symbolic (contradiction with Islam religion).

  • 3D Printed Sexual figures or toys (contradiction with Islam religion).

  • 3D Prints encouraging haram (smoking, drugs, abusive video games,...etc.).

  • 3D Prints don't meet our Islamic criteria.

what we don't print
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