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Startup Your Private Business in Clear, Easy, Fast and cheapest way
Without Leaving your Job

Seems too good to be True!
You can do it with the help of

  1. a Clear complete system (a step by step Business guide)

  2. a Great innovative idea (3D Printing) 

  3. The most important Skill (Creativity)

* I will tell you how you can success to do it by your self

Did you dream to start a private business but;

  • Didn't find a good idea that's not consumed!

  • Talked about an idea day & night for somedays, and changed your mind later!

  • Didn't know how to start a Business!

  • Didn't have enough money to start with!

  • Did a step and didn't complete the rest!

  • You are afraid to lose your money!

  • Found someone who executed your idea after few months or years!

  • Are your dreaming for years now!

  • You hate your job, but you can't leave it!

  • You hate your Boss attitude, but you have to withstand him!

  • You thought a lot about leaving your job but you can't do it!

  • Can't jump into Private Business because you have a family to support!

  • You Think you are too old to start a Private Business!


This is exactly what i have felt back in 2012, returning from Italy to my home country Egypt after working for some years in a multinational company for Heavy industries as an Automation Engineer.

My return was against my well, it was decided by my manager, with no consideration about what I wanted, my family status and my 3 years Kid.

In addition the situation in Egypt at that time was crazy after revolution and unclear political situation.

I refused the offered position, and decided to leave my job, searched for other jobs with no success! stayed thinking day & night on how to start my first Private Business, but with no hope to succeed!
all circumstances were against me!

So, after 3 months I decided to accept my old company job offer, But with intention to leave the job and start my own private Business when ever is possible.

I kept dreaming about it for years, with raising voices when I have problems at work, and lower voices when problems were solved.

in 2016 again I was forced to a move in another department by my Boss against my well, I wanted to resign, but I found out I'm missing a lot to start my Private Business and start generating money from a business to cover my monthly expenses, beside I didn't have enough money to start with!


So I decided to accept the new position, but this time I decided to start a side business and make it grow until it's big enough to leave my job.

It was a great decision, and I decided to start learning about how to start my Private Business, since I didn't know how to make it!

Image by Ravi Roshan

I took a lot of courses and I read a lot of books.

But there was always something missing, some of them give you a good idea but let you alone with execution! some give you execution steps, but too much generic or don't fit your way of thinking!

in 2018 that was changed when I bought my first 3D Printer! it wasn't bought for Business, but when I started using it at home, it felt different!

I felt powerful, I can literally convert my dreams into reality.

I started designing my own accessories and home improvements, But what if I could sell it! it will be a great side Business and good income.

I started to design some accessories, but I was feeling always that there is something missing, it's never perfect enough or I felt to make more innovative!

a few months I lost my enthusiasm about it!

in 2019 I wanted to teach my son, how he can use technology for good instead wasting his time with videogames.

I bought a book about teaching in a creative way, and it exploded into my head!

After I finished it, I bought another book creativity and Business.


and that's it, that what was missing all the time!

How to unleash my creativity into my new dream Business.

My life was changed, and it never felt again like before Creativity.

I have read a lot of Business books, but they were never a complete solution.

I have watched a lot of videos and courses about 3D Printing but it wasn't enough to convert it to Business.

I have read a lot of books about Creative Thinking, but a lot of them are theoretical with no clear execution steps.

in 2020 I started my Private Business "3D Printneer" to help people converting their dreams into real products and Businesses.

Later in 2021, after receiving a lot of requests, I wanted to transfer all the knowledge I have gained through the years, courses, Books and trails into;

a complete guided solution that anyone can follow to start his side private Business with the help of 3D Printing and Creativity, in easy, fast clear steps, with less than 1000$.

So what are the right steps to start your Business successfully faster!?
Cute Girl

Starting your business takes time to reach the success status, start something faster requires that you know exactly what you are doing and the right step in the right moment, since a lot of people try to start their business after spending some time in their daily job, which makes them master what they are doing, and they expect to have the same success rate when switching to private business! But if they remember how their production rate when they started learning how to do their tasks in their first job, they will understand that starting a new experience require a lot of learning, experience, and trail & errors.

So if you want to start your new experience in Private Business, you have two things you keep in mind;

  1. You have to learn a lot of new things every day, about Business; idea generation, Production, Management, Marketing and sales…etc.
    Since you probably start your Private Business with limited budget, you will have to do most of the tasks by yourself to lower your costs and learning about what you have to do will save you Money, Time and Effort.


  2. Try to start within a Previous experience field; Since you will have to learn a lot of things about private Business, starting in a new Business field for you will require additional learning to acquire the know-how of this business, Starting in a Business Field you already have some experience in it will offload of your shoulder learning how to make your products/services and make you concentrate on learning about Private Business starting up.

But I don’t want to learn new things!!
I just want to start my Private Business!
Image by Tim Gouw

Good luck with that, starting without learning means you will learn it the hard way by trails and errors!,

The Problem is that every trail will cost you more money, time, effort and will increase your stress level, which you need to keep as low as possible.

I understand you might have bad experience with learning before in the school or college, But believe it or not learning can be a fun experience if it was practiced correctly in something you are interested in!


That's why you need to learn about Creativity and its relation to learning in a joyful way.

But if I’m going to start in a Business field I know already!!
the Business idea will be old and will not have success!
Old Books

This is correct if you are starting a normal ordinary business, and this will require a big capital (which in most cases you don’t have enough of) This's to be able to spend on marketing and products developing to have a chunk in the existing market in order to cover your big Business expenses!

But if you invented a new creative solution for an existing problem, your mission will be much easier and require a lot less of Capital to start with, that’s what is called a Startup Business or Entrepreneur Business (Think of Uber, Swivel, Souq..etc.).

  • That’s why starting in a business field you already have experience in will help you find a problem to solve as an easy job.

  • While learning about Creativity will help you solve it in a new way and do that easier & faster

  • With Help of 3D Printing you can manufacture your solution easily, faster and more cheaper, and will help you a lot in testing your ideas, prototypes and develop them in a better way, and you can start production with no big risks or a lot of money spending with flexibility in mind.

But Entrepreneurship is Bad!
a lot of people lose their money in it, and don’t succeed!
Stock Market Down

Unfortunately, an average of 80% of startups fails in their first year, and some of the remaining 20% closes in 5 years from start!

Since a lot of people have dream to start their Private Business and get millions of dollars in a short time, they skip important steps and tasks to reach this false success fast.


But the successful Startups requires a lot of learning, effort, and persistence and takes some time to reach this dream,  the news of success of the startups you hear in the news, doesn’t mention clearly the time, effort and learning consumed to reach that success!

So if you want to have a successful entrepreneur Business, you have to learn how to make it, and how to keep it running, to make your journey faster, easier and safer.

Again Learning is the key to success to benefit from the experience people had in their startups before! either in success or failures.

Dream Big &
Start small!
Sleeping Baby

Since you will start something New to the market (a Private Entrepeneur Business is new to you also), you will have to take some time to understand how to make it correctly!

Starting a big company requires a lot of expenses at the start and while running the business


But The last thing you need to have is finishing the money you have at the start as a capital before you reach the success phase (That’s the most failure reason with startups).

While a small company will require less money to establish it, less money to run it and will cost you a small lost if you fail in some trails at the beginning


So the same amount of capital money will give you a longer period of time to survive if you start a smaller business than Big Business, this is until you reach the success phase.

But don’t worry about your big dream, once you reached the success phase you will be able to push more capital money to grow your business faster but with steady pace and firm foot on the ground and clear idea about your correct steps.

Think of a Baby Learning to walk then learn how to run.

So Here’s the Solution I had success with
& saw a lot people reach success with it!
Brainstorm to Success
  1. Learn how to make a successful startup;
    how to find your right Business field, find a creative idea, finding a problem & a creative solution for it, how to establish your business, test it and make it work, learn about Business Management, Marketing, Sales, Finance…etc.


  2. Use a great tool to help you invent new Creative products & services;
    3D Printing is the most innovative solution in the last decade to do that.


  3. Learn important Skills;
    Learning Creativity this skill will help you create new innovative solutions and will help you in solving all the problems you will face in your journey (and for sure you will have problems in any business).


  4. Dream Big & Start Small;
    Don't rush success, take your time, take it easy in firm steps.

I want to help You success in Starting Up
Your Private Business
Using this incredible Solution

in 3D Business Complete Solution you will learn how to do by your self all what you need to startup your own Business;


  • Step by Step with clear path on how to do it,

  • While you learn about 3D Printing and how to use it successfully in Business,

  • With the help of Creativity and Creative Problem Solving.

  • in 4.5 hours of online videos you will learn;

  1. How to start & make your successful startup;
    how to find your right Business field, find a creative idea, finding a problem & a creative solution for it, how to establish your business, test it and make it work, learn about Business Management, Marketing, Sales…etc.


  2. How to use 3D Printing to help you invent new Creative products & services;
    3D Printing is the most innovative solution in the last decade to do that.


  3. How to be more Creative & How to solve Problems Skills;
    Learning Creativity the skill that will help you create new innovative solutions and will help you in solving all the problems you will face in your journey (and for sure you will have problems in any business).


  4. Dream Big & Start Small;
    We Don't rush success, you can startup your Business in 3 months and take your time Build it right and make it grow, in easy firm steps.

  • Join our great 3D Business Community Support, and With its help you will overcome any problem you will face.


You Just need 1 hour a day to
Startup your Private Business
in Less than 3 months


Complete Solution

Laila Salem.jpeg

I liked 3D Business Course So much,
going step by step,
How to applying each step,
How to use 3D Printers
to make  products 
The Course Language is simple, Easy,
and great in delivering the content

Laila Salem

Yousef Sary.jpeg

This is a unique  Course
completely  different from other business Courses
It teaches you how to use your
Existing Experience treasure
Using the Creative Problem Solving Skill
is brilliant to solve Business Problems
Which you will face for sure in your journey

Yousef Sary
Sales Manager

Self_33s - Edited.jpg

I Promise you after finishing your
3D Business Course

You will know exactly how to startup your Private Business (Field, idea, Problems, Solutions)
and how to convert them in Services or Products
and all the required steps to convert it into reality

Omar Yousry,
3D Printneer CEO


4.5hours of online videos
3D Business Community Support
All the Services & Products you will need
to convert your dream into reality
Continuous Learning & Consulting
Unlimited Discount on all our Services for a year

We 100% Trust our Products
if for any reason you didn't like the Product you bought
you have 30 days 
100% money back guarantee
no questions asked

But You have questions
if it will fit me!?
Image by Markus Winkler
  1. I don't want to make a business in 3D Printing?
    You already have experience in another field or have another idea to start your Business, don't worry it's not obligatory to start in 3D Printing Business, actually in Business section we encourage you to start a Business in a field you already know about it, with the help of magical system; you will be able to find the right Business for you with unique specs that suits you only.
    the 3D Printing will help you in inventing a solution to a problem you know about already, and still you can do your business without 3D Printing.


  2. I don't want to leave my daily job?
    We don't ask you to do that, and you don't have to in order to start your private Business.
    But we encourage you to continue your daily job and start your private side business, because you will take some time to learn all what you need to make a successful business, and your private Business will take some time to grow up in order to cover your monthly expenses


  3. I'm not a technical person & i will not be able to run a 3D Printer?
    You shouldn't start as a technical, and this is not a technical course on how to run your 3D Printer!
    This course purpose is to teach you how to start generating money as soon as possible through your private side Business, you don't have to manufacture your products at the start, you can still learn to do that in the future if you want,
    But we suggest that you focus on Business learning rather than technical learning at the start.

    Focus on the important thing (generating money).


  4. If I'm not going to run a 3D Printer! how i will make money?
    Manufacturing your products is a part of your private Business, But not every thing of it!
    you need to manage your Business, find your right customers & products, care about your customer needs, Finance your Business, learn how to market and sell your products, find good suppliers, find better selling channels...etc.
    losing your time/money/effort in the start to learn the technical part will drift you away from the rest of Business learning, which with out it you don't actually have any business.

    We will help you focus on the important part, and we make it available for you all the required services for manufacturing your products (Product design, Prototypes, 3D Printing Manufacturing, Custom Manufacturing,  Low to medium quantity production ),

    Not only that but you give you Unlimited Discount (up to 30%) for a complete year, so you have a better cost and a better selling margin.

    in addition you can start learning to do by your self any of these steps, through our training services (we feel good spreading the knowledge).


  5. I don't have enough money to start my Business?
    Starting a big business requires a big amount of money, but starting a small business and make it grow will give you the chance to start with a small amount of money, and with the help of unique 3D Business solution you can start your business with a money amount starting from 3000 EGP only! (the amount can vary depending on the product you choose).

  6. I'm not a technology expert and don't know how to use online?
    To start your 3D Business journey you just need your computer or a smart phone to starting watching videos very easily as you watch youtube videos.

  7. My daily job takes all my time and i don't have time to start a Business?
    You just need 1 hour each day to start.
    You can watch your 3D Business videos while on the couch or in the road or even in the bathroom any time or place that suits your needs.
    The 3D Business online videos are available 24 hours 7 days a week for life time.


  8. I don't like online learning and want to have interactive learning?
    This is normal for big group of people who are got used to certain learning style,
    in 3D Business online solution you can have interactive video calls so you can ask and we give you the expert's answer,
    Beside our monthly 3D Business Club meeting & Blog Posts and continuous improvement to videos content.



You Just need to start Now!!

Image by Braden Collum

to start your Private side Business you just needs 2 things

  1. Start learning how to do it successfully
    The 3D Business online Course is the complete solution that you need to learn how to start your Private side Business successfully in fast, simple, clear steps.


  2. Start doing and take actions 
    Your Private side business will not start by itself, You need to get rid of your fear to try, make mistakes and learn from them, the smaller the step the smaller the mistake price you have to pay.

    Take your first action and subscribe to 3D Business online solution.


3D Business Complete Solution

Silver Package
  1. 3D Business 4.5 hours online video Course.

  2. Join 3D Business Support Community.

  3. 1 Year 3D Business Club membership.

  4. 1 Year Unlimited Discount 25%
    on 3D Printneer services (Manufacturing,   Product Design, Learning, Consulting Services).


  5. Qty 1 Video Call after you finish the 3D Business course content.

  6. Exclusive offers to 3D Business Club members.

Value = 3440 EGP
You only Pay 600 EGP Silver Package Price
Golden Package
  1. 3D Business 4.5 hours online video Course.

  2. Join 3D Business Support Community.

  3. 1 Year 3D Business Club membership.

  4. 1 Year Unlimited Discount 30%
    on 3D Printneer services (Manufacturing,   Product Design, Learning, Consulting Services).


  5. Qty. 6 Video Calls after you finish the 3D Business course content.

  6. Exclusive offers to 3D Business Club members.

Value = 4940 EGP
You only Pay 1000 EGP Golden Package Price
3D Business Solution
You can pay via PayPal or Vodafone Cash or CIB ATM deposit.
You will be guided to save your credential before payment through website free membership Once your payment is processed, you will receive the access details and notification at the email you signed up with and Whatsapp message.
You will start learning immediately
and you get immediate access to 3D Business Club membership & offers right away.
Still have a question?
Ask us on
the website chat,
Whats app; +2 01066011694 
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