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3D Business Online Course

How to Startup Your
Private Business fast 
With 3D Printing


How to find many successful ideas to start your private Business

Use the help of 3D Printing

More than 4.5 hours in an Easy to follow Online Video Course

4 Online Video Calls with interactive Support

Lear all what you need to startup your private Business

Use Creative Thinking to make a successful Startup Business


No need for Previous Experience nor Big Capital


Online Support Community


Available Manufacturing Services to make your Product 

Image by Frank Vessia
3D Printer

Want to startup your Business in less than 3 months !?

Are you suffering to find an idea for your Business !?

You don't know from where to start your Business !?

Do you want to start your Business with 3D Printing !?

Want to startup your Business in easy steps with NO Previous Experience !?

Do you want to Learn the tools & skills to help you startup your Business !?

Want to startup your Business with < 1000$ Capital!?

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Image by Michael Hardy

During my daily job as an Automation Engineer, I was dreaming to start my own Business for a very long time,
I was searching for the best idea to start my business for more than 10 years, but I felt I have no luck!


In January 2018 I have started my journey with 3D Printing, which opened up my mind for a whole new world of ideas !!

After starting my own Business, The 3D Printneer from more than two years, now I suffer from ideas over flow :-)

You don't have to spend a lot of your years, a lot of your effort, a lot of your money, read tens of books and take tens of courses like I did to just start your own business!!!

Now it's easier than ever !!

Now it's faster than ever !!

Now it's safer than ever !!

to start your own Business

Just enroll in 3D Business online course to start your own Business journey.!! Now !!

3D Business Course

Your online video guide to Startup


from Scratch!!!

Signing a Contract

Why 3D Business is better than any other Business course!?

3D Business is not only related to 3D Printing & 3D Product Design
3D Business is a 3 Dimensional Solution where we cover multi aspect of your future Business

  1. The 1st Dimension is the Science behind Starting a Business, you don't need Luck to find a good idea to start your Business, you will learn all what you need to Startup your Business correctly and Learn how to generate Best successful ideas for your Business.
    You will learn about:
    ( What's Business - Business Main components - Business Field - Resources Diamond - Business Sizes - Knowing  Your Business - Knowing Your Customer - Knowing Your Supplier - Knowing your competitors - Your Business Field - Your Niche - Marketing & Sales - Digital Marketing).

  2. The 2nd Dimension is the 3D Printing, either you want to enter the 3D Printing Business field or you want to use the 3D Printing as the best manufacturing tool in a different Business field that suites you better, you will be able to understand all what you need about 3D Printing to startup, beside we offer the 3D Printing & 3D Product Design Services, so you can use it immediately in your products, without the need to wait for long time to learn all the details.
    You will learn about:
    ( What's 3D Printing idea - 3D Printing Types - FDM 3D Printing - SLA 3D Printing - DLP 3D Printing - SLS 3D Printing - 3D Printing Steps - Generating 3D Model - Product 3D Model Design - 3D Printing Popular uses - 3D Printing in production - Why 3D Printing & Business - Buying a 3D Printer).

  3. The 3rd Dimension is the Creativity tool & the Phycology science behind starting a successful Business and learning the ability to solve all the problems you will face in Starting up your Business and during every day Business management to guarantee saving money and time and get success every day in your Business.
    You will learn about:
    ( What's Creativity - Creative Thinking - Traditional Thinking vs Creative Thinking - Why Creativity is important - How to Learn Creativity - Creative Problem Solving - Creative Product Design - Creative Product Design & Business - Best 6 tools of Creative Problem Solving - The 6 Main Problems in Business - Business Planning - Business Growth).

3D Business Online Solution

3D Business online course

More than 3 Hours of online video easy to follow content, accessible for lifetime, access from any where 24/7, from a computer, cellphone or tablet.

3D Business online support community

Private Facebook group, where we share useful content, news, Business advice, Problem Solution, community support, motivation.

Manufacturing Services

Get the idea of your product and you will have available all the manufacturing services required to launch your product; Product Design, Prototype, 3D Printing, Production  & Custom manufacturing.

30% unlimited Discount on our Services **

Get one year of unlimited 30% discount* to use it on all our services, exclusive to 3D Business community members.

** available only for Golden Package & Not to be combined with other offers! 

Value = 2950 EGP

Limited time Price 
600 EGP !!!
WOW price

limited time offer!!
Register Your data
& get the 3D Business Course for 450 after discount instead of 600 EGP

Startup Your Private Business Now!
If you don't like watching video courses and need interactive content
You can Subscribe to the Golden Package
& get 4 interactive video calls for free!!Value 800 EGP !!!

The Price for the Golden Package is 1200 EGP

You will get Access to 3D Business Course video content + 4 interactive video calls

for a limited time you can pay 1000 EGP after discount instead of 1200 EGP

*4 Online support video call each one is 1 hour

We 100% Trust our Products
if for any reason you didn't like the Product you bought
you have 30 days 
100% money back guarantee
no questions asked

Limited Time Offer 

Self_33s - Edited.jpg

The 3D Printneer

We dream to manufacture Creative Happiness
in every home & Business
with the help of 3D Printing

Omar Yousry

Founder & CEO

3D Printing helped me discover my real passion in Creative Problem Solving, making & Product Design;
after struggling for long time to find the right idea to start my private business with, that changed my life course to a more happier & healthier life, with a better understanding of my purpose in life, that enhanced my ability to improve and solve the problems that I have faced to startup my Business. 

Although I understand that learning, happiness & finding your purpose in life is a continuous journey to discover during your whole life!
but I believe sharing with you what I have learnt and what I will continue to learn is the shortest way to happiness in this life and the life after.

I hope to deliver the same amazing experience of transforming my dreams into reality to every human wants to startup his/her private business and learn how to live a happier life.


Why 3D Business is different from any Business Course?

3D Business is not a single course it's a complete solution, not only you will learn how to start you business but you will be equipped with the most important skills to solve all the problems you will face in your business and life, while applying that on 3D Printing industry, so you have the most suitable tool to boost your startup Business in no time and minimal investment and the fastest return of your investment compared to any other industry.

Not only that but after finishing the 8 weeks you will be part of a support community to help you during your Business start up journey and you will have all the services you might need at your hand

I don't have experience with Business Startups! is 3D Business suitable for me?

Sure 3D Business doesn't requires previous experience to start your business with 3D Printing help, inside the 8 weeks course you will learn all what you need to create your 3D Business.
You  will learn Business Startup creation and how to solve any problem you will face and during the 8 weeks we will apply the 3D business on 3D Printing industry, so you get familiar with applying your business model in addition to applying what your learnt into your 3D Business during the 8 weeks with the help of Quiz.

I don't have experience with 3D Printing! and i don't have a  3D Printer! is 3D Business suitable for me?

Sure 3D Business doesn't requires previous experience to start your business with 3D Printing help,inside the 8 weeks course you will learn all what you need to create your 3D Business, and which 3D Printer to buy and when.even if you would like to not do the 3D Printing by your self! Our Services of custom manufacturing, 3D Printing on demand and Professional Product design will cover all your needs.

What I will need to prepare for the 3D Business course?

a Pen & Paper
your Computer or smart phone and internet connection to see the videos online and to connect in weekly life video call.

I don't have a Credit Card to buy 3D Business course?

Don't worry!

We have offline payment options;
You can pay using Vodafone Cash / Orange Cash / CIB Account counter deposit/ CIB Account transfer / CIB ATM deposit (no need to be a CIB customer) / any Smart wallet transfer 

3D Printed Products Examples

You Don't need to buy a 3D Printer.
You can have your 3D Prints from Here..!

FDM 3D Printers are not expensive anymore you can buy a 3D Printer starting from 150$ up to 3000$

But if you live in Egypt having a 3D Printer can cost you even more, since there are some governmental restriction to buy  a 3D Printer and importing it from outside is complicated, so the prices are doubled due to fees, long & complicated paper works.

That's why we don't sell 3D Printers, because granting the quality of service for supply is very difficult.

still you can find it in the Egyptian market starting from 3000 EGP to 40000 EGP for medium category 3D Printers.

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